MADE TO ORDER: Orders take up to 14 days, depending on fabric & elastic choice/availability. Choose your preferred size and leave a note re colour preference. See photos of stack of plain colours available. Also SOME of the possible patterned fabric. Many more patterned options available, just let us know your preferences and we will contact you to offer and confirm fabric choices before construction.


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Handmade reusable cloth face mask made from two layers of pre-washed 100% quilter's cotton, with a filter pocket and a sleeve for inserting nosewire.


These cloth masks are adjustable for a good fit, which is essential for cloth masks. Make sure the side sleeves are cinched so the mask fits well underthe chin and over the cheeks, and the nose wire is pinched to fit the nose.


Large size suitable for men, or those with a fuller face, or larger nose.

Medium size suitable for women and teens, or those with a smaller face and nose.


Always disinfect hands with sanitiser or by handwashing with soap for 20secs before you pick up mask and fit to face and after removing mask from face. Wash in hot soapy water and dry well between uses.




  • Topstitched for extra durability and longevity.
  • Elastic loops allow mask to be worn over the ears.
  • Masks also have the option for a tie instead (nylon tie included)
  • Sleeve for nosewire - (chenille pipe cleaner included with mask)
  • Filter pocket - allows for a third layer for filtration such as paper towel or scraps of clean tshirt fabric (3 pieces of calico included with every mask)




WASH in hot soapy water and dry well.

Insert the pipecleaner into the nosewire sleeve and shape to fit your face. Insert a piece of calico into filter pocket if 3 layers of filtration are preferred. If a tie is preferred, remove the elastic loops and insert the tie instead. 


Please note:

Due to variations on computer screens, the actual colours may be slightly different in real life. We cannot guarantee that the colour that you see will accurately represent the product's true colour.

Fabric Face Mask (Made to Order)

  • Made from 100% cotton fabric, polycotton elastic and nylon tie. Remove pipecleaner and tie prior to washing.

    Handwash in hot soapy water (preferably from a kettle) or wash in a warm wash in a washing machine at 60 degrees with regular laundry soap. Dry and place into a plastic bag ready for use. Ironing and direct sunlight may help to sanitise.

    Wash after every use, replace filters every 2 hours but make sure to replace with a fresh mask when fabric becomes too wet from breathing.

  • Cloth masks are no replacement for medical-grade masks but may be recommended for wearing by the general public when there is community transmission and where it is difficult to maintain physical distancing. It is important that cloth masks are adjusted to fit well and are handled and washed appropriately.

    While the mask may filter some particles and dust that potentially contain viruses, wearing the cloth face mask does not guarantee protection from COVID-19. We do not claim our masks will protect you from getting Coronavirus. We hope that they provide a physical barrier considered as minimal protection to help stop the spread.

    Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the cleanliness of the product, with the fabric pre-washed before construction, and again after construction,  but it has been handled in a home with pets.  It is the buyer's responsibility to handle appropriately and wash the mask prior to use.  

    The best defence against COVID-19 is keeping 1.5metres between yourself and others and washing your hands regularly. (

    By purchasing from Fibrefaerie the buyer agrees to use the mask at his/her/their own risk.

    Please note:

    Due to variations on computer screens, the actual colours may be slightly different in real life. We cannot guarantee that the colour that you see will accurately represent the products true colour.