How to get neater edges on your knit projects.

My favourite method to ensure neat and polished edges on my knitting, is to use a slipped stitch selvedge. This technique is super simple and results in a sleek edge, particularly on stockinette or knitted rib pieces. This method is used instead of the usual garter stitch edge, where a pattern will ask you to knit 1 stitch on each edge of a piece of knitting. Using the slipped stitch selvedge, it is so much easier to seam two pieces of knitting together using the mattress stitch or invisible seaming technique.

As we are all stuck at home due to COVID-19 #2020suxsofar I thought I'd do a quick video to show you this technique as I was working on a project for a friend.

Why don't you cast on a scarf using stash yarn and knit in a 1x1 rib using this technique? I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Using an 8ply yarn, cast on 59 stitches (or however wide you like to make your scarves) but remember it must be an odd number of stitches. Then simply slip the first stitch purl-wise each row. Make sure to knit the last stitch of the row too.

Have fun, and post the finished project to the Members Forum in Show and Share!