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About Fibrefaerie


Birthed in 2007, Fibrefaerie was the result of the connection between a group of women who were drawn together by a shared interest in fibrecrafts. As a young first-time mum who found herself thrown into instant parenthood with a blended family, I discovered that through teaching the arts of knit and crochet, women became empowered with their own latent creativity, and I was blessed with joy and purpose that has motivated me ever since. 

Since 2007, it has been my mission to make the world more beautiful with fibre crafts, unlock the creative potential of other craftists and to weave the world together with yarn.

Fibrefaerie also describes my love of Nature, and the unseen forces that drive our existence and the creation of fabric with fibre using a few sticks or a hook (as if by magic!).


Ever since I was a child I have created objects out of wool, felt, bark, beads, and fabric of all shapes and sizes. I prefer to work with natural fibres of cotton, bamboo, alpaca, and wool, and feel that a sustainable mindset enhances the valuable experience of Making.

My focus is on creating space for women to talk, connect, laugh, support, share, learn and make the world more beautiful with fibre creations, while encouraging a love of all things handmade, recycled, vintage, and heartfelt.

I hope to inspire others by sharing the lessons learned by generations of women before us, who nurtured their families and their communities by gathering to share, create, inspire and give.

I teach not just the skills to Make, but also how to CREATE, how to use the skills of our grandmothers to make beautiful things out of what was on hand, and find joy in the process.

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