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Scribbles in the Press

I learned to crochet by attending Rain's classes. She is a VERY patient teacher! The classes were small and very friendly with a cuppa and bickies and lots of encouragement. My only complaint is that she leftthe NT and now you lucky people have her. I still have so much more to learn but I have a good foundation of the basics from Rain.


It was sooo lovely to meet Rain and I cannot thank her enough for what she taught me!!  She has such a gift for teaching and also her craft!!


A charming, clever teacher who never fails to inspire and encourage the inner artist in each student.


Rain's classes were always exciting and I learned a lot! I knitted a scarf quicker than my mum and can make granny squares without looking :) (or not much looking anyway). At the start of the class I always thought, I will never be able to do THAT... But every time I did. After putting my knits away for a while and pulling it out again recently, I also found the accompanying instructions we were handed out at the class and I got right back into it, just following the pictures and explanations :) Rains classes are fun and she is very patient and even a student with two left hands tied to their backs will be able to churn out some good work after the class

FibreFaerie is a knowledgable, experienced and supremely skilled artist whose teaching manner is insightful to each individual's level ... the social and resource connections made in the groups are a fabulously worthwhile way to grow in your desire to create yarn beauty.












 I found Rain to be a patient teacher. She explains things simply and easily and is more than happy to show you again and again. When I got stuck or mucked something up, she was helpful but did not make me feel like a fool. I am still working on my chevron blanket and can easily pick it up as the pattern and instructions she wrote are simple and easy to follow.






It is my mission to make the world more beautiful with fibre crafts, unlock the creative potential of other craftists and to weave the world together with yarn.

Fibrefaerie describes my love of Nature, the unseen forces that drive our existence and my addiction to the creation of fabric with fibre using a few sticks or a hook. Ever since I was a child I have created objects out of wool, felt, bark, beads and fabric of all shapes and sizes.

I prefer to work with natural fibres of cotton, bamboo, alpaca and wool, and feel that better quality material only enhances the valuable experience of Making.

My focus is on creating space for women to talk, connect, laugh, support, share, learn and make the world more beautiful with fibre creations, and encouraging a love of all things handmade, recycled, vintage, and heartfelt.

I want to teach not just the skills to Make, but also how to CREATE, how to use the skills of our grandmothers to make beautiful things out of what was on hand.

I want to inspire others to take up fibre craft, for the joy in giving to those around you, not just the ones you love but the ones who are in need, is immeasurable. I want to share the lessons learned by generations of women before us, who nurtured their families and their communities by gathering to share, create, inspire and give.



Stitch & Bitch

First Friday of the month from 7pm

Castlemaine region in Central Victoria

FREE to attend but location will be advised upon registering interest


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